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enderworthing [userpic]

(no subject)

April 25th, 2008 (07:52 am)

current location: wonderland
current mood: hooo hoo
current song: Jackie Wilson - You Left The Fire Burning

 I'm getting to be a pro at Bed Head.

enderworthing [userpic]

To Laugh And Cry, To Live And Die

April 14th, 2008 (11:31 pm)

current location: new, shapely room
current mood: calm
current song: Skyline Pigeon - Elton John

 I've been spending so much money, and for the first time in a long long time (Not an EJ Reference), its not hurting me so badly. Life is so different when you can afford the tires you desperately need, or the Jeans that just fit better than any others you've ever had, but you obviously dont need. Or the Cut and Dye you've never dared get, or even try. I'm happy about it. It's a new type of happiness. I dont feel anymore materialistic, just more happy from knowing what i like, and getting it. Its different. I finally cleaned my house, and room. I hate dirt and dust. Luckily i've been blessed with just the right vision that i can't see it, unless i get down and look for it. (get down and look for it?) thats a  new dance...... you betta get down and look for it...

and the future you're giving me holds nothing for a gun, i have no wish to be living 60 years on


enderworthing [userpic]

Honey Bunny

April 5th, 2008 (05:41 am)

current mood: whaaa?????
current song: UMMM, i just woke up

I'm sorry tonight didnt work out. I'm a fool for you, Bunny Bank.

enderworthing [userpic]

(no subject)

March 15th, 2008 (01:04 pm)

current location: i'm always on my bed, in my room
current mood: seth! freak. you suck

wasn't  i supposed to be doing something today?
Oh yeah, my taxes. 

What am i waiting on?
oh yeah, seth. Becuase he's asleep still and wont wake up. which makes sense...jump down a few

Last night, i got the biggest paycheck of my life. Retro Pay since Jan 1. plus raised wage = Confident Daniel. (pssh, who is that?)

So i stopped by goodwill on my way home (the classiest joint i know) and was looking for something fun to buy. But i saw something not so fun. I bought a center piece ot a dining room set. It looks like a dresser. But its gonna hold our tv in our main room here. 

Bump the movie Hellboy man.  wtf is going on.

So after the kind folks at goodwill loaded this beast in my car, i had to tie up my tailgate on my montero because ...well because i dont want this thing that weighs as much as my car
to fall out as i drive uphill. Dont ever ask me to tie anything but my shoes. i really couldnt get the job done.... so anyway, i got this thing home, driving 13 miles per hour. And i call seth and he's too busy having drinks in EARSHOT of our house to come. So my mom came over. And, long story short - we got it in the house right as it started to rain

 Then i went to jenns. We got pizza from hawthornes and staged fake fights... we screamed at each other and laughed and had a great time.... and i ate 3 1/2 pieces of pizza... and like 4 pepsis... .. we then went to creation, thinking my siblings and dieter were there... it was close to midnight around this time, and we walked in and were out of place... we walked to dish and found them there.... . dieter bought us drinks and we sat and listened to stories about SF. Then, i could see that jenn wanted to go to that dance party so bad, so we went..... i hate crowds and people.... but i had an alright time! i found a chair, and
watched people... it was nice.... i'll go again somtime with her... ..

i think i'm gonna go jump on seths bed and wake him up..............

liv tyler is sooo pretty on that thing you do.

somebody buy me a handyswitch... . that light bulb switch thingy.. .please...

enderworthing [userpic]

(no subject)

March 14th, 2008 (09:10 pm)

current mood: aggravated

 hey seth, if you're reading this, you're a dickhead.
Thanks for all your help tonight buddy.

your loving brother,

enderworthing [userpic]

when, i.

March 12th, 2008 (07:53 am)

current mood: sleepy
current song: the hardest part - coldplay

when i try to sleep, i can't.

when i wake up itchy, i can't scratch enough.

when i sign up for free hair cuts, i dont get called back.

when i want to play piano, i dont.

when i have a 360, i dont play it.

when i pay for stuff, i ignore it.

when i try to use this, i feel ghey.

when i love jenn, i'm happy.

but what bothers me most.........

when i try to sleep, i can't.



enderworthing [userpic]

Long Promised Road, Bah bah, bah bah.....

February 21st, 2008 (07:42 am)

current mood: silly
current song: See The Light - Flame

 so i either didnt sleep at all last night, dead up---- or i dreamt i didnt sleep at all last night. And i'm pretty sure i didnt sleep.
I go from days of getting off work , coming home and passing out, to the point that you couldnt wake me up by shaking me, to nights of absolutely no sleep possible.

eat it, zombie.

enderworthing [userpic]

(no subject)

February 19th, 2008 (07:06 am)

current mood: awake
current song: you rock my world - MJ

 So its been a month since i posted. And i have no reason or idea why. I guess i been sleepy. I'm up early today cuz i'm catching an early ride. I just pressed play on my itunes--and for once, its playin a song i want to hear. Anybody else have that problem? I stopped ripping music at 3000 songs, and i rarely hear something i actually wanna listen to. Its not i dont like it, i just dont feel like listening to it. I dunno....

its like 20 freakin degrees outside. Last i recall, it was like 70 degrees last night... Dang! 2 songs in a row that i like... today must be my day..
1st - arent you glad - beach boys
2nd 60 years on (live) - elton john

i must roll with this, today will be a good day. I had yesterday off because my weekend fever returned. Does anybody reread their own livejournal? I have intentions on doing that but at the same time, i only think it'll be interesting if i dont remember writing it. If i can't remember writing it, i probably wont remember i have a livejournal... right??? i wish i ate breakfast..... i'm gonna make a real sandwich today..... i have no clean clothes.... and i didnt shave... i look like a cartoon gone bad with facial hair. I feel like  a hill that someone inexperienced tried to grow grass on and only laid seed in one spot. Thinking it would spread on its own..=== my facial hair, if i even dare call it that, is splotchy to say the least..... i have no clean clothes...

someone come do my laundry....apparently having a washer and dryer, 1 padmate, a large transportable hamper full of clothing doesnt compell me enough to give it a shot on my own....

look i'm the man with no lips.


enderworthing [userpic]

I believe..........

January 16th, 2008 (07:56 am)

current mood: restless
current song: i want you - spiritualized

 I work with robby. He wears glasses. He's like a brother to me. Last night, i had this dream we were at war. Robby and i were on opposite teams. We all had guns. i dont think we had bullets, more of BB's or something. I was sitting leaning against a wall, with my back to it. I saw an enemy running in the open infront of me. I grabbed my gun and got my sights in on the man running away from me. While aiming i noticed Robby in the distance aiming at me. I shot robby so fast, right in the face. It cracked is left lense. I shot the man running in the back of the head. He dropped. Robby recovered and aimed again, i shot faster and hit his face again. He fell down. I remember walking to him and picking him up and putting my arm around him. 

Its weird what your mind does with emotions. I dont hate robby at all and its far from that feeling at all. But for some reason i shot him in the face in my dream....... 
I want you, to slide with....Collapse )

enderworthing [userpic]

Call Me Cucumber Boy, As in - Cool As A....

January 15th, 2008 (07:07 am)

current mood: itchy yo!
current song: Good Good Lovin - Blossoms

So seth and i get closer and closet to getting our interactive house where we want it. Its so enjoyable and will be rewarding soon enough. I'm really excited. We have a messenger account for it and it can read aloud our messages in the house.

Yesterday while i was driving, i remembered that as i was young i was more concerned with how i'd look when i was older than what i wanted to be capable of. I remember praying to God that i would be attractive, and that i could care less about being smart or wise. This was when i was really young. In New Jersey, before the age of 9 at least, but i know up through the age of 12 or 13 i still thought that way. I guess i was a shallow child. Maybe its the reason i am what i am today, and the reason i act how i act now. I'd much rather be intelligent and wise than attractive. But i dont know, maybe as a child i saw attractive people getting further, faster in life than intelligent people seemed to. But i dunno, i was a weirdo and still am. But i know enough to be happy with what God has made me now, and i hope i'm a mix of both attractiveness and intelligence. 

Yesterday sucked.Well --work sucked. My head hurt. My eyes hurt. My stomach hurt. The only thing not hurt were my feelings.
Don't ask people how they feel and take answers personally, when they should be professionally. 

My dad was in my dream last night. He was happy. He was living in a huge house, alone. Kinda like my mom is now. There was lots of wood furniture and books. And he was fixing the fan. He had a limp for some reason, but he looked good and healthy. It was a good dream. Other than that, i slept like absolute shit last night. Awake it seemed every 30 minutes. I woke up itchy. I have no idea why. Happens every once in a while... and i dont enjoy it.

Yah heard New York? The frog is stayin'

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